About Us

Contemporary and fine dine restaurant, The Traveller Cafe serves state-of-the-art food, drinks and coffee from their multi-cuisine menu including, Italian, Arabic, Mexican, and Chinese. As the name suggests, the cafe is also equipped with ready tour packages for all its visitors!

Good Taste

Our aim is to serve you delicious and high standard quality and quantity of offerings. Savor and relish authentic popular dishes that are aesthetically pleasing to the palate. The Traveller Cafe emphasizes on the importance of delectable plating that is Instagrammable and visually appealing to all.

Good Health

We take pride in serving you not only scrumptious meals but also look after your health by maintaining the nutrition of the food and drinks we bring to the table. We are able to do so by using fresh and local ingredients and herbs. Our kitchen team and staff are trained to follow hygienic protocols.


We operate in a way that protects, preserves and restores the natural environment and the surroundings. We reduce waste by adding seasonal dishes to the menu, partnering with right and trustworthy vendors, and purchasing peak-seasonal produce in bulk.

Our Achievements

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Recipes Published

Meal Plans

Why Us?


Everday Something New

We have designed our menu as flexible and creative as possible without any compromise on the food quality, taste, and quantity. Our Chef takes on a challenge to serve seasonal and new dishes incorporated in the menu yet maintaining the quality standards.

Exceptional Food

Savor and relish authentic popular dishes that are not only delicious, but aesthetically pleasing to the palate. The Traveller Cafe emphasizes on the importance of delectable plating that is Instagrammable and visually appealing to all.

Multi-cuisine Options

The menu boasts a Global Cuisine of lip-smacking Italian, Arabic, Mexican and Chinese Cuisine including authentic recipes from different parts of the world that will make you keep coming for more.

Highly Responsive Chefs

The Traveller Cafe is proud to have a skilled and distinguished Chef profiled as their Head Chef, whose wide ranging experience and ardent passion for the culinary arts makes him an expert in the field.

Customer Satisfaction

With an aim to deliver an exceptional guest experience, we take all our customer’s feedback regarding our menu, staff, quality, and other hospitality etiquettes seriously. All complaints are immediately addressed by the management.

Excellent Ambiance

The high ceilings, nature-oriented trendy decor, sparse lighting, and buzzing energy provides patrons with excellent ambiance and stylish comfortable seating, making it a perfect venue to host private parties.


“Very big cafe with a unique interior. It is the best place to hang out with your friends. I loved the different types of seating arrangements they have, especially the Indian seating. The service is commendable and the staff is helpful. The food quality and quantity pleasantly amazed me. It is a must visit in Surat.”
Lipika D Sheth


“The best place to have Falafel in the city. They serve amazing coffee too! Aesthetic and lively ambience, quick service, and delicious food is sure to make your visit memorable. Do visit with your friends and family.”
Ashutosh Desai


Our Chefs



Harshad Tejani, with 20 years of knowledge in the sphere of the diamond trade, overlooks the complete management at The Traveller Cafe. His vision is to aid the company flourish and expand it further.



Diligently invested in real estate for 15 years, Kalpesh Rangpariya emerges as CEO of The Traveller Cafe. He oversees the internal business growth of the company.



Perfectly competent in the field of real estate for the past 15 years, Vijay Mavani actively partakes in the advertising and marketing promotion of The Traveller Cafe